Riva in the movie book

Riva In The Movie Book

RIVA IN THE MOVIE – Limited Edition (bilingual)

To celebrate the great success of the book RIVA IN THE MOVIE, we have decided to publish a limited edition of just 500 numbered copies in a handmade mahogany presentation box with inlaid detail. All the more “Riva inside, inside Riva”. Mahogany was chosen by Riva to build its more than 4,500 motor yachts between 1935 to 1996, the year when the last Aquarama was built, writing pages in the history book of sailing. For this same reason, we decided to launch this Limited Edition as if it were itself a yacht, encased inside the princely wood that made Riva a legend. The 39 films featured in RIVA IN THE MOVIE, complete with reviews by critics and exclusive photos never before seen in print, take readers on a thrilling journey from the early Fifties to the present day. A shimmering trail of dreams, stories and imagination, for readers to follow for their own interest and amusement.
A gem encased within a gem: inside the presentation box, there is a USB memory stick with two must-see short films: RIVA IN THE MOVIE, featuring Pierfrancesco Favino, and “La Plancia”, filmed in 2017 to commemorate Carlo Riva by telling the story of his relationship with the office that he occupied for more than 10 years and that he remained attached to until the end of his life. “RIVA IN THE MOVIE” Limited Edition, for the joy of anyone who loves Riva preserved in a magical box.

Price: $725.00

RIVA IN THE MOVIE Standard Edition

Book as above, but without the presentation box and memory stick

Price: $155.00

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