Aquarama Model

Aquamarine Model

AQUARAMA Desk Model 1:43 scale

“The Stradivarius of boats” and “The Queen of the Riviera” are just some of the names given in the Sixties to this extraordinary model, widely considered the most beautiful boat in the world.
Every detail is unmistakable: the steering wheel, for instance, was inspired by American cars from the Fifties. Riva chose Brooklin Models to craft a model that would be worthy of representing the essence and passion of this iconic masterpiece. But this alone would not be enough, Riva challenged Brooklin Models to represent the Aquarama in its purest form to display the unquestionable elegance of its design. The model is entirely crafted in pure metal with little use of color, conceived to give new life to the legend of Aquarama and the opportunity for enthusiasts to own this unique piece. Model size is 7.5″ x 3″ x 2″

Price: $545

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